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Annuities in Chester, SC

Throughout your working career, it’s essential to take steps to secure your future. Even the most diligent saving and insightful planning can be enhanced with the right additions. For those who want to pursue flexible and reliable securities, taking the time to understand and invest in annuities may pay dividends.

What Are Annuities?

Annuities are binding financial agreements between parties that assure that one will provide a series of payments to the other. These arrangements—generally made between an individual and a life insurance provider—are often used to enhance financial security for the former before and during retirement. Common types of annuities include the following:

  • Variable annuity—These investments can offer significant opportunities for growth and may be advisable for those willing to brave the risks of a potentially fluctuating market.
  • Fixed annuity—This type of annuity can serve as a safer investment for those who want to grow their money at a guaranteed minimum interest rate with a low risk of losing value.
  • Indexed annuity—These arrangements serve as somewhat of a hybrid between variable and fixed annuities by including a minimum interest rate while also having their values tied to a stock index.
  • Immediate annuity—These annuities are designed for those who plan to begin collecting funds within a year of their initial investment and may often be used to supplement other retirement income.

How Do Annuities Work?

Annuities may prove to be invaluable if you want to ensure long-term financial security for themselves and their families. Although optimal annuity selections may vary depending on your needs, circumstances and goals, these investments can generally provide the following benefits:

  • Lifelong income—Annuities can provide regular payments for the rest of your life through a one-time process called annuitization. Even if your total payout eventually exceeds the original value of your annuities, installments will continue as long as you live.
  • Security for loved ones—If you want to ensure that your spouse, children and future generations of your family will be able to maintain their lifestyle and enjoy financial stability, annuities can be a key component of your plans.
  • Tax advantages—The investment earnings of annuities are not taxable until you decide to withdraw funds. Furthermore, there are no tax consequences if you decide to adjust or rebalance your investments in the future.

Annuity Versus 401(k)

Annuities and 401(k) plans can be integral components of retirement planning. Both tools provide tax-advantaged investments to help cultivate growing financial security as time goes by, but there are also several differences. 401(k) plans can provide accessible means for those who are in the early stages of saving for retirement. Meanwhile, because annuities require a substantial initial investment, they may be a more appropriate choice for those with existing savings who want to guarantee a reliable future source of income. Annuities may also be advantageous for those who want to invest beyond their 401(k) limits.

Learn About Ideal Annuities

With over 50 years of experience providing insurance and financial services, The Wyatt Agency is well-equipped to help you understand your annuity options and ensure optimal investments. Contact us today to get started.

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